Under Another Sky


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Under Another Sky, art - Michael Garfield Visionary Art (michaelgarfieldart.com)

• Posters: "Under Another Sky" signed print on 11"x17" semi-gloss 100 lb. cardstock.

Original piece painted live with oil & acrylic markers on 2011-04-20 at The Root (Boulder, CO) for the Sacred Plants Visionary Art Panel.

4/20, Boulder CO – quite possibly the cannabis capital of the world. In the midst of this storm of heedless intoxication (once a campus display of civil disobedience, now an epic rager celebrating marijuana's medical legalization) we assembled a crew of respected "visionary" artists – Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Aage, Krystle Smith, Mackenzie Page, Jumbie, and myself – and we had a nice long panel discussion about sacred plants and their role in the creative process. Kind of an antidote or counterbalance. Thoughtful and provocative, the discussion was well-received...and I went home loaded with the other artists' visionary mojo to finish the painting I'd started. Maybe you can see a hint of their flavor in this piece, another in a series of vegetable landscapes on other planets.

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