Clear On Direction


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Clear On Direction, art - Michael Garfield Visionary Art (michaelgarfieldart.com)

• Posters: "Clear On Direction" signed print on 11"x17" semi-gloss 100 lb. cardstock.

Painted live on 2012-01-12 at The Parish (Austin, TX) to the music of Heyoka, Sugarpill, Starlynx) and 2012-01-13 at Ruta Maya (Austin, TX) to the music of Voice Mau, El John, Matthew Ian Blagg, Hobo D, Boombaptist, King Art, OT23, Ruler Why.

My first live painting of 2012, courtesy of two fine evenings produced by my friends at Art Seen Alliance and Collective Perspectives.  True to the intensity of this year (so far, and I imagine it's only ramping up), I wanted to paint something that captured in one image my microbiological leanings, the vacuoles and cilia of some pond water protist; an explosive collision like Zeus' thunderbolt; and the jeweled geometries of of the divine mind of time.  This is, in the words of my badass painter friend Chaeli Cardenas, "some intense masculine energy."  Yes!  Directedness.  Focus.  Follow through.  All good things for a year when everyone seems to be talking about manifestation.  I had to laugh at myself halfway through the show when someone pointed out to me it was pointing straight at my book of prints!

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