Barney Was Real! (Nanotyrannus)


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Barney Was Real! (Nanotyrannus), art - Michael Garfield Visionary Art (michaelgarfieldart.com)

Believe it or not, there really was such a thing as a pygmy Tyrannosaurus. Nanotyrannus stood about six feet tall and seventeen feet long – still a formidable predator by any modern standards, but more "ride into battle" size than "swallows you whole" size. While scientists can't be sure that they were actually purple, their close relationship to birds makes it likely that they at least occasionally broke out in song...and it's a fair bet, given their stature and dentition, that real life "Barney" would have loved children (probably several at a time).

Original piece painted live with oil & acrylic markers.

• Posters: "Barney Was Real! (Nanotyrannus lancensis)" signed print on 11"x17" semi-gloss 100 lb. cardstock.

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