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LSDeer, art - Michael Garfield Visionary Art (michaelgarfieldart.com)

• Posters: "LSDeer" signed print on semi-gloss 100 lb. cardstock.

Painted live in four hours at The Parish on 14 May 2016 for The Deer's album release party. If you don't know The Deer, check them out immediately. They are one of the only acts I know that can win the crowds at both an old-school super traditional folk festival AND a raging jamband festival on the same day. Their songs are full of awesome harmonies and odd time signatures and every time I hear their music I want to join the band. (What does it take to be an honorary deer?) Also have to say that Blue Healer and Holiday Mountain played the best sets I've ever seen from either band that night, and you'd be wise to check them out as well. Thanks to Amy Sue Berlin for taking this piece home and putting it up in her massage studio, where it can lend a hoof in people's healing...

About stags, from http://animal-dream.com/stag.html:

"The stag is a male deer, sometimes known as a hart. It has fascinated people for thousands of years, because its antlers are renewed every year. Cave paintings, dating from the Paleolithic period, frequently depict stags, as well as people wearing antlers and the skins of stags. The ancient Celts believed that stags acted as a guide to souls and helped them move into the next world. Animals with horns are traditionally linked with male sexuality. Because of this, horns are frequently ground to powder and used as aphrodisiacs. For the same reason, stags are also associated with fertility, potency, passion, and power. However, during the Middle Ages, the stag was considered a sign of purity. Both St. Eustace (early second century CE) and St. Hubert (656-727) were said to have become Christians after seeing a glowing crucifix between the antlers of a stag. King Richard II (1367-1400) used a white stag as his emblem. Because stags are solitary animals, they have also become a symbol of loneliness and melancholy. To dream of a stag is usually a sign of repressed sexuality. However, it can also be a sign of self-enforced loneliness that is continuing too long for your mental well-being."

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