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Wet Eschaton (Leviathan 2)


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Wet Eschaton (Leviathan 2)

A collaboration with Elliot Rogers – I started and worked on this piece early on but he finished it out as the companion to "Leviathan (Technocore in Love)".  "Eschaton" is the fancy Greek name for the end of the world – which, depending on who you ask, could very well be a tsunami of light and color and sentient languages, as on display here.

The title "Wet Eschaton" comes from how the more "Elliot" piece into which he put in more work, the rainbow-y one, reminds me of the way that Christianity merged with native ayahuasca traditions through their common apocalyptic life-source vision.  This piece reminds me of how Mother Mary appears to some members of these syncretic religions, like the UDV and Santo Daime churches, as a visiting spirit around the margins of a singularity.  This piece is, to me, totally accurate as a depiction of these spaces.

• Posters: "Wet Eschaton (Leviathan 2)" signed print on semi-gloss 100 lb. cardstock.

• Giclées: Signed and numbered (series of 25) high quality archival print on canvas. Finished with a colorfast UV gloss varnish, stretched on 3/4" bars, and shipped with hanging hardware.

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