It Came From Meow Wolf (Splat)


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It Came From Meow Wolf (Splat)

Painted live at Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return to the music of Papadosio on 13 & 14 December 2019.  Acrylic and oil pens on canvas (16"x20"x1.5", gallery wrapped). I have no idea what I was thinking, other than that the music was excellent and I was set up right next to the subwoofer and five feet from the drums (reading 96 decibels on my friend's phone app), so the more-than-usually intense and gestural take on live painting was very obviously a result of my environment. Some kind of fractal psychedelic seahorse sigil. 

This is what happens when after eleven years of painting at concerts you decide to finally let the music speak through the paint. When you let the energies of a band in an experimental growth spurt and a very full and intensely weird venue carry you where they may...

I also performed the opening set — forty-five minutes of daring intricate guitar, voice, and electronics — on Saturday the 14th, which you can download for free on my Bandcamp page.  And I had a wonderful conversation with Papadosio's lead guitarist Anthony Thogmartin for Future Fossils Podcast earlier that day, which you can find here.

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