Lucky Fish


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Lucky Fish, art - Michael Garfield Visionary Art (

• Posters: "Lucky Fish" signed print on semi-gloss 100 lb. cardstock.

• Giclées: Signed and numbered (series of 25) high quality archival print on canvas. Finished with a colorfast UV gloss varnish, stretched on 3/4" bars, and shipped with hanging hardware.

I was born with the Moon in Pisces ("the fish") – according to astrology, a recipe for moody artists and dreamers.  We evolved from fish, and the fish lives on in all of us; our hands modified fins, our fishy brainstem still at the base of our instinctive action and intuition.  (You can read all about this stuff in science journalist Neil Shubin's awesome evolutionary biology book, Your Inner Fish.)  

Fish are also a sign of luck in many cultures – whether as the decorations in a Japanese garden pond, or as a symbol of plenty and abundance (eg, Jesus's loaves and fishes in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew).  They take on mystical significance in the life-changing synchronicities that inspired the visionary science fiction of Philip K. Dick, and even look valuable – all those shiny scales!  So it felt right as rain to paint one, finally.

Original piece painted live in Austin, Texas with oil & acrylic markers and aerosol paint on masonite (24"x32") on 22 January 2016 at Flamingo Cantina to the music of Irie Samurai, Dosage, Sharkweek, and Bonus Junk; and on 24 January 2016 at the HOPE Outdoor Farmer's Market to the music of The Mismatch and SEFO.

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