"Queen of Swords" Xenomorph Alien Queen w/ Cello


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"Queen of Swords" Xenomorph Alien Queen w/ Cello


I grew up obsessed with the artwork of H.R. Giger and his masterful creations for the ALIEN film series.  That love extended to some derivatives, including James Cameron's amazing design for the xenomorph queen in ALIENS...a truly badass mashup of the terrible and erotic, made and born, a sleek mean machine of sheer blind reproductive violence.  (And a kind of underworld counterpoint to the luminous sacred feminine I painted in "Our Lady of Cosmic Reproduction.")  As a child of the traumatized postapocalyptic landscape of modern America, what's not to love?  ;)

And so it was with glee that I took on this assignment for my wife's local violin shop in Austin – Westbank String Shop – to produce a piece of this iconic movie monster playing the cello.  (For the nitpickers out there, yes, that thing is big enough to technically be a bass, but the Alien Queen could play a cello like a violin.)

This piece now hangs menacingly right at the door to welcome anybody brave enough to enter Nikki's work space – in its own right, a Giger-esque den of strange goos, power tools, and ominous sexuality.  Come by the shop sometime and check it out!

Posters: "Queen of Swords" signed print on 11"x17" semi-gloss 100 lb. cardstock.

Giclées: Signed and numbered (series of 25) high quality archival print on canvas. Finished with a colorfast UV gloss varnish, stretched on 3/4" bars, and shipped with hanging hardware.

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