Sticker Pack: "Attention is our greatest natural resource."


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Sticker Pack: "Attention is our greatest natural resource."

I used to think imagination is our greatest natural resource – until I realized that attention is the upstream, limiting reality.  In our distracted, breakneck age, sometimes we need a good reminder to pay more attention to our fleeting lives. 

Inspired in part by Aldous Huxley's awesome novel, Island (in which his utopian society trains birds to squawk "Attention!" randomly, reminding citizens of opportunities to be more mindful), these glossy laminated vinyl stickers are so close to indestructible that they will keep inspiring mindfulness for years to come.

This is guerrilla intervention against the mind-eating nonsense of our tech-plutocracy. Concerned too many people live in algorithmic feed-scrolling fugues like thumb-bearing farm animals? Just slap a few around town and sit back marveling as your town becomes more aware!

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