Our Lady of the Late Cretaceous - Velociraptor & UFOs


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Our Lady of the Late Cretaceous - Velociraptor & UFOs

Tell a friend who loves dinosaurs - it's my newest painting!

🦖 "Our Lady of the Late Cretaceous"

🦖 24"x36" - paint pens on 2" gallery-wrapped canvas

🦖 Started in Austin, Texas but completed primarily in Santa Fe at Meow Wolf, my first finished work as a New Mexican painter

🦖 Made in honor of my childhood role model and mentor, paleontologist Robert Bakker, the only person with enough foresight and nerve to draw raptors with feathers back in the 1980s, before we had concrete evidence (and author of the AMAZING dinosaur novel, Raptor Red - find it and read it!)

🦖Featured art on the Jurassic World Alive social feed

🦖 Dedicated to my partner and new mom Nicole Taylor

• Posters: signed print on 11"x17" glossy 100 lb. cardstock, shipped in a plastic bag with cardboard backing.