Transmedia artist and performance philosopher Michael Garfield helps people navigate our age of accelerating weirdness — and cultivate the curiosity and play we'll need to thrive in it. As a musician, Michael’s songs and avant-guitar have opened hearts and minds across four continents. His music has been featured everywhere from PBS to Burning Man to the FDA’s clinical trials for MDMA. As an illustrator and painter, Michael draws inspiration from both science and mysticism to make verdant and exultant artwork at countless festivals, live art residencies, and anywhere else he can. As an essayist and host of Future Fossils Podcast, Michael writes on the intersections of evolution, technology, and art, and shares vital conversations from the frontiers of our psychedelic century.

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Featured Works

Highlights from over fifteen years of live painting and digital experimentation, both in-studio and at thousands of performances across three continents.


Complete, regularly updated list of available originals here.