"Paleontologist-Futurist" and transmedia artist Michael Garfield's work helps people navigate our age of "global weirding" — and inspires the curiosity and playfulness we'll need to thrive in it. As a painter and digital artist, Michael draws inspiration from his background as a psychonaut and scientific illustrator to make everything from murals to apparel, body art to book and album covers. As a multi-instrumentalist musician, Michael’s songs and fully-improvised performances have opened hearts and minds across four continents. His music has been featured everywhere from PBS to COSM, Burning Man to Meow Wolf, peer-reviewed archaeology research papers to the Phase II & III MDMA human trials. As an author, essayist and internationally-charting podcast host, Michael remixes science, art, philosophy, and myth to foster vital conversations at the frothy edges of the known and knowable.

Book him today for custom art and music (film scores especially!), for creative and strategic consultation, or for synthesis, translation, innovation, and communication work with any client who might benefit from richer context, deeper questions, and a more dynamic and engaging way to build community and tell their story.

Featured Works

From 2007 to 2020 I made over seven hundred paintings — four hundred of them live at festivals and concerts. I now mostly work from home, but am available for booking as an acrylic or digital live painter, animator, or live generative scribe.


Check out my regularly-updated list of available originals here.  I am also open for commissions. Everything's negotiable and I'm happy to work out a payment plan if necessary. Thanks for browsing!

There are two kinds of games.

My tribute to an artist who changed the world.

We would be scared if we weren't sharing it.

If you really are tired of being afraid, get curious.