The Writing, Art, & Music of Michael Garfield

Paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield is a midwife to a new myth – helping to articulate emergent planetary culture and integrate art, science, and religion in a new way suited to our evolutionary age.

As a writer on the intersections of evolutionary biology and the future of creativity, and as the host of Future Fossils Podcast, Michael helps restore our fractured modern worldview to make sense of the transformations that we’re undergoing, and to map our place in time and our responsibility as the ancestors of a future we would want our children living in.

As a singer-songwriter and acoustic-electronic guitarist, Michael’s music has opened hearts and minds in settings as diverse as caves, museums, jungles, countless tea houses, both folk and electronic music festivals – and has been used as musical accompaniment for weddings, lovemaking, childbirth, medicine ceremonies, and the FDA-approved clinical trials for MDMA as a treatment for PTSD.

As a live painter, Michael’s paint pen work is deeply informed by years of natural history illustration – each piece an entry in a field guide to the strange inhabitants of hyperspace, verdant and exultant imagery, ecstatic, radiant, and timeless.  Since 2007, Michael has been booked to paint everywhere from Burning Man to NASA to the Australian Outback.  In addition to countless festival appearances, he's held live art residencies in Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Austin.  

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