Why We Gotta Be Fightin?


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Why We Gotta Be Fightin?, art - Michael Garfield Visionary Art (michaelgarfieldart.com)

• Posters: signed print on 11"x17" glossy 100 lb. cardstock, shipped in a plastic bag with cardboard backing.

2012-04-12 The Parish (Austin, TX) for MiHKAL, Knowa Knowone, Soundshaman, 2012-04-13 Ruta Maya (Austin, TX) for ONE4ALL, Soundshaman, Matthew Ian Blagg, Miss Zap, and 2012-04-16 Ruta Maya (Austin, TX) for Esoteric Mondays.

This one was named inadvertently by my friend Chris Morphis, who came up to me at a show and captioned, "I thought we were dancin'; why we gotta be fightin'?"  That pretty much sums up the emotional energy behind this piece – the dyad, the dance, the lovers, tangled, polar, divided but united, evoking each other even when apart, the boundaries tidal, orbital, co-imbricated.

One of the most important things I learned in school for evolutionary biology is that what we call competition is equally true as cooperation from a different angle.  Predator and prey, host and parasite, victim and abuser, artist and audience – these are timeless pairings that require both partners as poles of a dynamic that transcends them.  You and I co-arise as opposite ends of the same event.  Even in our differences, we share the pearl of original awareness.  I am You.

Or, from Erik Davis's fantastic book, TechGnosis (Synchronicity alert: I read this while taking a break from typing):

"Alchemy places a tremendous emphasis on polarity, on the dynamic, erotic, and highly combustible interaction – or conjuctio – of contrary elements and states of being.  This propulsive ambiguity is also reflected in the question all alchemical scholars must confront as they investigate the history of the art:  What were these fellows actually doing?  Was the Great Work physical or spiritual, sexual or imaginal, grubby or contemplative?"

The complete answer is, as it frequently is, "both."

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